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Felipe Oliveira

Felipe Oliveira photo Felipe Oliveira
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I started training at Judo Previato when I was 13 years old in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 2002.

I used to practice as much as possible, sometimes even in two different dojos on the same day. Seeing my efforts, my Sensei took me to learn from some of the most important Brazilian sensei, for instance Miguel Suganuma (9th dan), Chiaki Ishii (9th dan and Olympic medalist) and Massao Shinohara (10th dan). 

In 2010 I was invited by sensei Chiaki Ishii to go to Japan and become a judo student at International Budo University where I had the opportunity to train for a year with Japanese judokas and judokas from all over the world. 

At International Budo University I had the honer of being a student of sensei Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, a 8th dan, world champion who is a former national coach of England, Canada, German and other  countries. Kashiwazaki promoted me to black belt in 2010 with a Kadokan diploma. 

Some of my highest moments in judo include the time I was chosen to make a kata demonstration, representing Budo University during the Katsuura’s championship in Japan; being 4 times  champion in my dojo open-weight championship; being champion in the Dojo Chiaki Ishii open-weight championship 2009; and wining silver medal in the Brazilian National Ju no kata championship (dangai category).

Judo has been a huge part of my life. A passion, a way of life. Having the chance to share some of what I have learnt makes me immensely happy. 

Adult Fundamentals

Adult Fundamentals

Starts November 16th - six weeks to learn a new skill and fall in love with the gentle art.

Kia ora, thank you for taking the first step by showing an interest in Jiu Jitsu, the next step in walking through the door and we look forward to welcoming you and having you share our Academy and mats.

See you on the mats soon,

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