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Paula Te Kawa

Paula Te Kawa photo Paula Te Kawa
  • Brown Belt

Started Jiu Jitsu March 2014 and Pilates February 2000.

Competed internationally since white belt, I enjoy Jiu Jitsu for the mental and health benefits it provides me. I am passionate about helping get more women onto the mats as well as teaching kids, I have attended and been certified by IBJJF hall of famer Leticia Riberio for her level 1 kids coaching programme. Jiu Jitsu is not just a sport for me but a way of life, I feel everyone should compete at least once at each belt whether they do well or not, it helps to overcome anxiety and to feel what its like to have someone go 100% at them while remaining calm and using the skills that have been taught to deal with the situation, your Jiu Jitsu will grow from it whether you win or lose. I’ve travelled extensively since I started BJJ to learn from some of the best competitors / teachers in the world at international training camps and have dropped into some of the best gyms available worldwide. When I’m not on the mats you can catch me teaching Pilates around town. A brief competition record is below.

White Belt
Sydney Open 2015 Silver
Blue Belt
Sydney open 2016 Bronze
Japan National 2016 No Gi Double Gold
Asian Open 2016 Bronze
SJJIF Worlds 2016 Silver
Pan Pacific IBJJF 2016 Gold
European Masters 2017 Gold Weight
European Masters 2017 Silver Open Weight
SJJIF Worlds 2017 Silver Weight
SJJIF Worlds 2017 Gold Open Weight
SJJIF Worlds Bronze No Gi 2017
IBJJF Worlds Bronze Gi 2017
Las Vegas Open 2017 Gold
Japan Nationals 2017 Weight Silver
Japan Nationals 2017 Open Weight Silver
Ranked # 1 in the world under IBJJF blue belt master 4
Purple Belt
Pan American Championships 2018 Gold
Asian Masters 2018 Gold Open Weight
Asian Masters 2018 Silver Weight
World Masters 2018 Silver Weight
Ranked #1 in the world under IBJJF for Purple belt master 4
Pan American Championship 2019 Silver
Asian Masters 2019 Gold weight
Asian Masters 2019 Gold open weight
World Masters 2019 Bronze
Ranked #1 in the world under IBJJF for Purple master 4
Brown Belt
Received December 2019

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Adult Fundamentals

Adult Fundamentals

Starts November 16th - six weeks to learn a new skill and fall in love with the gentle art.

Kia ora, thank you for taking the first step by showing an interest in Jiu Jitsu, the next step in walking through the door and we look forward to welcoming you and having you share our Academy and mats.

See you on the mats soon,

Nga mihi

Te Manawa kaimahi